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The annual review is dead

The annual review is dead. Welcome to the world of real time reviews, and ongoing live feedback.

2012 is the year when social software really starts to gain traction real inside organisations.

I don’t mean the useless internal collaboration systems that everyone avoids (whilst they use the external ones that actually work)

I mean social HR tools.

Those HR tools that you have to use a couple of times a year, the ones that you think are mostly a waste of time.

They are getting all social.

And your review is going to change forever.

Why? … because the companies that provide HR services are busy buying social media companies that provide real time feedback on you and your colleagues inside the organisation. The official name for this software is Human Capital Management. All you need to know is that this that those hated HR systems are going social.

– SAP has bought SuccessFactors … and paid $3.4bn for it. That is serious cash. You don’t do that unless you are pretty confident that customers are going to want this.

– Salesforce.com has bought Rypple … and is rebranding it Successforce (interesting name by the way … as close to a corporate giving its competition the finger as is possible I think). It paid a lot less (probably in the $100m region), but still a decent amount of money.

So how does this affect John Doe in whatever.com?

Instead of posting party pictures on Facebook and ranting about poor service on Twitter, you will be thinking how you can manage your reputation inside the organisation. That broken, painful review process is going real-time, all the time. So you need to start asking yourself some questions:

– How do you become the key connector inside your organisation?

– How can you generate more ‘Likes’ than your co-workers?

– What will you do to win ‘badges’ and be elected into virtual positions?

– What will you do to build a valued network both inside AND outside the company.

OK, you may think, this doesn’t matter. Another distraction, another fad, but there is one point that you will care about … your pay. As social tools, and social HR tools enter businesses, they will start to give managers, HR departments and the rest of your company a very clear, real time picture of who is adding value and who isn’t. Remember, HR has a very strong incentive for you to play their game. They can fire you. The play or be fired motivation is a pretty strong one.

If you stay quiet, do what is needed, keep yourself to yourself, then the world is going to become a lot more challenging if you want a pay rise or to snag a bonus – or even to just keep your job. The good news is that if you help people, really make a difference to others and customers love you, then your world could start to change for the better in 2012.

Like it or not, the real time review is going to be a reality for many in 2012.