About me

Welcome to my site

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

A bit about me …

First things first. The important stuff.

I’m 40-ish, married to a patient, brilliant and beautiful lady, and have two wonderful children.

I live in the UK, in the Ribble Valley in a village, and I LOVE IT.

I enjoy doing things in the outdoors and I also teach kids judo.

And now the work bits …

What is the most common question when meeting new people?

“What do you do?”

Most people want to know my job title. What they mean is, how can I quickly understand what you do and get an idea of whether you are clever/rich/successful [add many more attributes here].

“So, what am I?”

I always have a problem with job titles as they generally describe what you do as a job today. This is defined not be you, but by someone in HR because it is what is coded into their SAP or Oracle HR system. This rarely covers what your experience is, what you are capable of, or do outside of work, but don’t get paid for. In most cases, they don’t describe what value the person brings.

My job title is Product Manager.

And I don’t like it. [Yes – I should change it, but some things are not worth wasting your life on. SAP taxonomy is one of those].

I’ve also been: Analyst Programmer, Systems Administrator, Systems Manager, Technical Strategy Manager, Technical Consultant, Enterprise Strategy Consultant, Industry Strategy Consultant and a Senior Product Manager.

What I do is help organisations understand how to use technology to make peoples lives easier. I help companies design products and services that actually help people do what they want to do and need to do. Sometimes people need to do things, but don’t want to do them.

The job title is wrong. It should be something that brings in the values, passions and aspirations about what the job can do:

Service Designer …?

Product Experience Consultant …?

Loud and Opinionated Technology and Business Type Bloke Who Shows Why Customers Hate Most of The Things That You Are Doing And Has Loads Of Ideas Of How To Improve Things Consultant …?

I can see why companies like titles now.

Google has this cracked better than most:

Chief Talent Scout (beats HR Consultant)

Genius Recruitment (anyone who uses the word genius is asking for trouble, but I love the statement that this makes)

What I do is help companies solve problems. I help them do things better. I hopefully help stop them doing stupid things. I help companies start to think about what is possible and how technology can make a difference to peoples’ lives. Key points here: difference and people. Of course, the reality is that most companies don’t want to listen, and even fewer want to seriously fix things that are broken. That is OK. I don’t like it, but long ago I learned the story about the horse and water. I can point the way, I can deliver the water. The last bit is up to you.

My core belief … if what you want to do makes no difference to people – then don’t bother. That should be the acid test for any investment whether of time, money, sweat or life force. The rest is going to be good enough. Only do what matters.

Oh, and did I mention that I have some strong opinions?

Well, if you want filtered information without perspective, go to Wikipedia. I have a view, an opinion. It isn’t always right, but I’ll defend it, explain it, and willingly accept when I am wrong.

Now close this and get back to some interesting stuff




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