How to make a hit advert

Forget John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and all of the other serial advert offenders in producing cliched fodder for the Christmas.

If you want to make a great advert, make something that YOU would want to watch. Forget the focus groups, forget the demographic analysis – instead, make the advert that you would be proud of, even if you never made anything else for the rest of your life.

Make an advert that appears to human emotions; make an advert that appeals to our ambitions, our dreams, our HUMAN values

… and then get the best people you can to make it.

North Face did exactly that. Bravo.

It is called Imagination.

Other than that you don’t need to know anything else – just watch it.

North Face executed perfectly – and they perfectly nailed one of the most difficult elements of a great video – the music. If you get the music right, you add the missing piece to your masterpiece, but occasionally you pick the PERFECT piece of music and you create something very, very special. The track used is “Because of Me” by the Avalanches. This innovative and underappreciated track that samples a 1959 recording called “Why Can’t I get It Too” by the Six Boys in Trouble.

Timeless. Well done all involved.

Updated: 6th December 2018 as North Face have removed the original link to the video. A pity – be proud of your work.


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