What is the BBC playing at?

Have you seen the new BBC video?

You know; the one that has been teased by every presenter on every BBC show today.

The “on every channel at 8 O’Clock tonight” one.

You know … this one.

Well, having seen it, my judgement is that it is …

Unashamedly indulgent, extravagant and decadent.

It is clearly expensive beyond comprehension at a time when we are still in ‘times of austerity’.

And for this it is …

Completely brilliant.

I cannot imagine the effort that went into planning and producing this. Simply managing the logistics of getting these musicians and performers together let alone turning this into such an engaging and visually beautiful 2minutes and 49seconds is something to be very proud of.

You could argue that the BBC is one of the few organisations that has the resources to produce a video like this, and you would be right. BUT that is exactly the point. The BBC does have significant resources. This is why it (occasionally) should do these special things.

And in doing so, the BBC not only reminds us what is possible but ever so gently pushes the bar a little higher for others. I don’t want the standard of TV advertising and video production measured only against the John Lewis annual Christmas Advert. Well done all involved.


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