Understand digitization in 4 seconds

This 4 second video shows how digitization is changing our workplaces.

The video called “Evolution of the Desk” apparently comes from the Harvard Innovation Labs. [although if you scroll up, it looks like linkbait for a review company/desk supplier]. The site has a longer video showing how common products have been replaced by applications, until in the end we are left with a PC, a smartphone and the sunglasses. The classic aviator sunglasses being the only things that remain unchanged.

Whilst the video is interesting, the really big shift is not shown. It is not the elimination of objects from the desk that is the biggest change, but the shift from owned single purpose individual objects to shared spaces and constantly evolving platforms.

The review company clearly wants to sell the future of desks, which it believes will be electric rising multi-screened and perched on top of treadmills, but to me this just seems as outdated as the original picture.

It would be more logical to see the next evolution of the picture to be an updated phone, but are we missing the point here too? With everything digitized and access to it ubiquitous, including from ‘things’ without human interaction then perhaps the real evolution will be an empty space.

Once everything becomes digitized, the more fundamental questions need to

Perhaps the next evolution of the picture would an empty space. With digitization making everything invisible,


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