Changing the world (part 3) – Nike was right

Nike was right.

Just do it. 

The best piece of advice I could ever give. About anything.

By all means, talk about it.

You can design it, plan it, test it, demo it, pilot it.

But none of this matters until you DO IT.

Whether in business, your personal life, your training, your dreams, your WHATEVER.

Just do it.

You might fail? True.

You might get hurt? Maybe.

You might completely miss what you want? Absolutely possible.

But unless you DO IT, you can never be successful. The only way to achieve success is to do it. Not just in business, but in anything in life. Failure is underrated as a skill. I’d hire someone who had tried and failed everytime over someone who never had the guts to even try. I want to work with those who think big. Who dream. Who make mistakes.

I want to work with those who Just do it.

Why? Because those who Just do it, will never accept an excuse from me. They will push me. Inspire me to run faster, jump longer and think bigger.

And when I do that, I can be successful in what I want.

Not will be. Can be.

If I don’t even try, the only thing guaranteed is failure.


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