Keeping up appearance fees

Great post from Andrew Collins about being paid for work. It is interesting how many commercial news services rely on (free) guest posts and comments without paying these contributors whilst happily charging subscribers or more commonly advertisers. Of course, you have a choice – and you can try and develop a following or ‘brand’ whilst doing this – but at the end of the day, bills have to be paid. I don’t see the large media companies jumping to share their income, so you have to solve this. YOU have to figure out how you will be paid.

Never Knowingly Underwhelmed

ACFilm24Apr11receptionbWhen you see somebody talking on the telly, do you assume they have been paid? You are right to. Unless they are a member of the public whose opinion or testimony has been sought by a news crew, or an audience member doorstepped by the host on an audience show, or they are questioned in a news studio as a representative of either a political party or a private company, then they will usually be paid an appearance fee.

This will be nominal, but it covers their time and their expertise, and reflects the fact that – like an actor in a drama, or a singer or dancer in a chorus – they have helped to make a TV programme, and without them there would be a person-shaped gap, which will never do. TV programmes have budgets, and from those budgets, fees for actors, singers, dancers or contributors are…

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