Shock news: Reviewers who love Apple love new iPhone5

Well done Apple on managing the press for the iPhone5 launch.

There is a good lesson for others to learn from here.

Apples #1 lesson on getting good reviews

If you want a positive review, only let those who write nice things about get their hands on the product

Critical independent writers who may write that everything is not perfect need not apply.

Apple is not unique in this approach, it is common sense isn’t it?

Apple are well known for courting certain high profile reviewers and publications. This process is detailed in the Isaacson biography of Jobs. If you want access to pre-release products then you write nice things. Simple as that.

Given the sales of many Apple products, it is easy to argue that this works.

So it is as simple as this?

No. Of course not.

Having a successful launch is the end stage of a long process that you follow when developing the product.

It is the product development process which ultimately determines your success, not the final launch. A great launch, however much you choreograph it will not save a fundamentally flawed product.

Whatever early reviewers say, if real users (those early adopters who buy the product) find a very different reality, then you can expect a backlash.

No reviewer, no blogger or commentator will be able to save a bad product from a user mauling.

So when Apple does a successful launch, as they have done with the iPhone5 – don’t simply congratulate them on a successful launch, congratulate them on a good product development process. This is the hard part.

If you have a great product, the launch is the easy bit.


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