Generation C

Generation Creatives

A very incisive article from Strategy and Business magazine (by Booz) about Generation C. This is the name that they give to the new creative generation.

I am not sure whether many companies understand how the use of technology will transform business and society, and in particular the workplace. I’ve been fortunate to work at companies that embraced remote working, and provided tools such as laptops and collaboration tools, but for people this is still not the norm.

I find it hard to believe that so many companies think having people schlep through traffic jams to travel to toxic offices with poor tools is a productive activity.

My former colleague Jerry Fishenden believed that investing in infrastructure and changing work practices could bring a huge increase in the productivity of UK PLC. Having sat in traffic jams, travelled on expensive and crammed trains and tried with vain to find reliable wi-fi in London, I couldn’t agree more.

The bonus for companies that do embrace this change. YOU will have the pick of employees. Those that stick to the old ways of working are going to find out too late that salaries alone will never attract the best candidates. In the past, this was true for knowledge workers. For my children, it will be true for all work.


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