The Four Horsemen of the Corporate Apocalypse

The signs of future failure were always thereThey always areThose on the front line could see the horses in the distanceThey tried to tell you, but you ignored their warningsYou dismissed the sound until it was a rumble of thunder, but then it was too late. The Horsemen have arrived. 1) Complacency – you ignore…More

Backlog or graveyard?

Product Managers have a place for those things that they want to work on, but don’t yet have the resources – we call it a ‘backlog’. This is where the good, but not great ideas sit. If they were great, we would be doing them. In many cases though, this is the wrong place to…More

The best Christmas advert of 2020 (its not the one you think)

So which one is it? The John Lewis advert is good (with a brilliant music track), the McDonalds advert is better (another great music track), but this one from … [watch to find out] is my favourite for 2020. A good advert should ALWAYS focus on human values. It should tell a story that we…More

Thoughts on Product Leadership

Thanks to Roy Sharples, CEO at Unknown Origins for the opportunity to join him on the excellent Podcasts series. The structured and consistent format provides a great way to access insights and ideas from a range of innovative thinkers. Here are my thoughts on Product Leadership. Alternatively, you down access the podcast and download via…More

Why to stop calling people resources

#iamnotaresource I have never liked the concept of people being referred to as ‘resources’. I don’t like the concept in any form – whether Human Resources Departments, Human Resource Managers, or any label that uses the ‘HR’. The human bit of the title is fine. It is the resource part that I have the issue…More

The Square Wheels Company

Once upon a time, there was a wheel maker called the Square Wheels Company. The Square Wheels Company is amazing. Its employees are highly motivated. Everyone keeps to their budgets. Products ship on time. Everyone works hard and believes the company is set to become the next ‘big thing’. It has some of the best…More

My email rules

My rules for email. If I invited you to email me, I will reply If you are senior to me, your chances of a reply massively increase if you behave as if you are senior to me, but are not, I will ignore you If you determine my bonus, you will get a reply If…More

How to make a hit advert

Forget John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Debenhams and all of the other serial advert offenders in producing cliched fodder for the Christmas. If you want to make a great advert, make something that YOU would want to watch. Forget the focus groups, forget the demographic analysis – instead, make the advert that you would be…More

Making AI personal with ‘The Dadbot’

Image: Computer generated fragmented blue head Credit: Pobytov/GETTY IMAGES, BBC Website AI captures a dying father’s memory From BBC site: Californian James Vlahos had a great relationship with┬áhis father, so when he was told his dad was dying he had to do something to preserve his memory. He got hold of specialist software, and started…More